GMGlobalConnect is the replacement portal for 6 different portals, including GM DealerWorld Web, which was previously managed by General Motors to service its dealers worldwide. This portal offers all the services that distributors need in one place. This site is very easy to use and all services are accessible with a few clicks.


However, before you can use all of their online services, you must securely access your online account. Read this article for a complete overview of the operational flow.

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General Motors (GM) is an American automotive company based in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The company was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant. Currently, the company operates in all phases of the automotive industry, from the sale of vehicles. General Motors is not just one of the world’s largest car brands in the United States.

With well-known brands such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC under GM, the company has total assets of more than $ 228 billion and employs approximately 1.64,000 people.

GM has created a fund of more than $ 20 billion for the design and development of electric vehicles. As part of the plan, the company also began testing its first electric delivery truck at GM’s Detroit facility.


How To Create General Motor Login Account?

Before using the site, the user must also have an account on this site. If the user has an account with GMGlobalConnect, this website is easy to use and if you are a new user, please create the account first.

If you have a PC or mobile device with a good network, you can easily access the GMGlobalConnect login website. You can access this website using Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, as all of these platforms are used for a stable connection. You must be able to learn and write the English language for account creation and login.

Then go to the search bar, then to the GMGlobalConnect login website. If you are already a user, just enter your username and password to log in, but remember the registered email id, please enter a valid password and id. If you are a new user and do not have an account, it will be processed for you.

What Is The SignUp Process For GM Employees To Login?

The login process of GM employees is mention below. In case of help refer to it.

  • Open your browser and visit the General Motor website through the official website at the URL
  • After your visit, you will receive a website with a form with text fields to fill out.
  • You will be asked to enter the correct username and password in the 6 empty text fields on the form.
  • Continue with the login button, which will give you access to your employee account.

Login Details For The General Motors Partner

To register as an automotive partner, you must login into the GmGlobalConnect website to access your account.

Login Process For GM Partners (VSP Login)

If you are a partner of General Motor and facing a problem regarding the VSP login portal. Below is the login process.

  • First of all, open your web browser to visit the official website through the link
  • Then log in by creating a password and username for the account.
  • Proceed as instructed by clicking Next on your page. You will then be asked to re-enter your username and password.
  • You will then need to answer the questions asked to qualify.
  • After answering the questions asked, you will receive a verification code on your phone.
  • You will need to enter the code provided to log into GMGlobalConnect.

Login Process As A GM Partner

If you are General Motor Partner and want to login into the GMGlobalConnect login portal. Below is the information;

  • First, open the GmGlobalConnect account portal, then visit
  • Enter your username and password in the text fields provided.
  • Verify your verification information and click Register.
  • Once you have logged in, you will be directed to a website where you can access all the information.


How To Reset Password Of The Login Account?

If you forgot your password when logging into GMGlobalConnect, do the following;

  • Open your web browser and visit the General Motor website via the link
  • On the page, click I forgot my password and follow the instructions.
  • You will be asked for your username and email address.
  • You will receive a link in your email with which you can restore your old password.

Information About The Login Requirement Of The Portal

If you are going to login for the first time, you must be aware of the login requirement. Below is the list of requirements.

  • You need a web login address for a General Motor employee.
  • You can only access the general engine URL registration portal if you are authorized to do so.
  • You must have a tablet, smartphone, computer, or laptop with an Internet connection to connect to the portal.
  • You must be able to understand the English language.
  • Your login device must have a working web browser.
  • You must have a valid GMGlobalConnect username and password for General Motors.

Remember, You must fulfill the login requirement to successfully login into the portal.

Facing Problem While Login? Below Are The Solutions

So you may experience connection errors at any time, you may have successfully saved 99, but there is still a chance that you will encounter a login error for the hundredth time.

The most common types of connection errors that can occur in Gmglobalconnect are password errors, technical errors, page load errors.

The solution to the password error is already provided above and you can search for a solution above.

Although the page does not load and contains a technical error, the first thing to know is why these errors actually occur.

Most technical errors can occur when there is a problem with the main server, and most of these errors are resolved in 1 hour or less. Test Drive – You can also easily decide to take a test drive.


How To Check Your Work Resource

A General Motors employee can also easily view the GMGlobalConnect portal online employment resources with the details below.

  • Open the portal with in your browser.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see various menus and links. You can select any job-related resources you want to view.

Portal Guidelines That Must Be Follow

The services of GMGlobalConnect can be used through the online website A person must have a valid username and password to access the GMGlobalConnect login portal. Before connecting, a person should pay attention to the following points.

  • You should keep your devices for yourself, as the account contains confidential information related to G.M. Enterprise and your data. So be very careful.
  • Always have the login details of your General Motors employees with you.
  • Once all of these things are set up, you can head over to the official website and then your login page. Here you must enter your data to log in.
  • After entering the portal, you must change the password.
Official NameGMGlobalConnect
OrganizationGeneral Motors
Portal TypeLogin Portal
Portal UserGM Employees & GM partners
Portal AvailabilityWorldwide

Different Types Of Features Available At Portal

Merchants have access to a new version of the portal with a login account for GMGlobalConnect and features such as banking access and real-time tracking have been added. The new General Motors Concepts portal page allows you to run your business much more efficiently. The developers of this web application have invested a lot of time and effort. Here are some of the features of this login account portal.

Vehicle Ordering: General Motors dealers can now order and order vehicles through this portal. Tracking is also available. You have full access to all information, including traffic, time, delivery date, and more.

Warranty Claim Submission: This portal allows you to quickly submit warranty claims without having to contact customer service directly. Dealers can now take advantage of the vehicle and automotive product warranty.

Redesign: The redesign of this web portal has been completely redesigned by professional developers.

Regular Updates: This web portal monitors all dealer activity so you can get free regular updates on current offers and more.

First-class Security: General Motors does not compromise your security and this web portal ensures that your business is not compromised.

Ease To Use: General Motors recognizes that dealers are not tech-savvy, making this portal easy for dealers to use.

Portal Benefits Provided To The User

  • They offer solutions for all employees. In addition, we solve all the problems of distributors and customers around the world.
  • User-friendly interface. The official portal does not present complications.
  • You can also easily log in. Plus, you can restore your data in less than three steps.
  • The connection is free. The registration process for GmGlobalConnect is free. In addition, you do not have to pay anything to access the portal. You can also contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • The official portal is an electronic portal accessible in more than 90 countries around the world. Everywhere, from Africa to Asia, from Europe to America.
  • Access the programs you need. This is intended to facilitate business relationships with the company.
  • You can also submit a warranty claim. Delivery reports are also included.
  • GmGlobalConnect has another feature that helps agents around the world answer vehicle inquiries.

What Is Digital Solution?

Help resellers increase their sales and the services they provide to their customers. General Motors has a digital solution for GM dealerships. The main objective of these services for distributors is to reduce costs and digital complexity.

The Useful Information About The Portal

GMGlobalConnect is a special username and password that General Motor dealers and employees can use to log into their GM accounts. GM Global allows all employees to easily log in to their accounts and view information about their code of conduct and company announcements.

GM resellers with a GMGlobalConnect connection have the advantage over unaffiliated partners in that they can connect directly to the company and transact from anywhere in the world. A dealership can easily follow what is happening with GM’s business to see if the business is improving or if there is anything to worry about with the GMGlobalConnect connection.

All GM business partners can use their GMGlobalConnect ID to order and make payments to GM from the comfort of their homes without having to go directly to the company for individual calls. This gives GM dealers with a GMGlobalConnect connection many advantages for trading at home or on vacation over non-registered GM dealers without a GMGlobalConnect connection.


About General Motors Company

General Motors is a multinational corporation known for the manufacture, development, sale, and marketing of vehicles and vehicle parts. Its main brands are GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Buick. William C. Durant founded the General Motors Company in 1908. The company is also known to be involved, or at least interested in, other foreign car brands.

It is one of the largest automotive suppliers and manufacturers in the world. It is the largest and has many industries and businesses; Therefore, employees must serve their customers. To facilitate the work of employees, the company has developed a portal where all employees need an account to access the necessary information.

Ultimately, General Motors has continued to grow as the largest automotive company over the years. Partner car dealers and employees have been satisfied with the company’s services through the online site for years. The online site has also boosted sales as users can purchase vehicles and parts quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions On General Motor Login Portal

Is GMGlobalConnect available to General Motors employees?

Only GM dealers have access to the official portal. Employees have access to a separate portal.

There is a problem with the website. Is there anything I can do?

Clear your web browser’s cache and re-establish your internet connection. Try a VPN if the site doesn’t work.

Can clients access this portal?

Clients cannot access the official portal. Only General Motors dealers can access this portal.

Final Words

GMGlobalConnect is the only portal of its kind for GM dealers. To access this information, you must register as a reseller with a reseller administrator. If you meet all the conditions, registration is quick and easy. By logging in, you have access to all participating GM dealers. Once you have made your selection, you can access the official portal from anywhere as long as you have a secure internet connection.

In addition to controlling your business at General Motors, you control what you do. It is possible to process your transaction through the GMGlobalConnect web portal without third parties like suing a bank.

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