GMGlobalConnect is a web portal for General Motor employees and dealers to connect to their accounts online. The GMGlobalConnect Employee Login allows employees to log into the GM employee account, view GMGlobalConnect benefits, update profiles, and communicate with the GMGlobalConnect manager using the GMGlobalConnect service.


GMGlobalConnect for Resellers allows them to access the web portal from anywhere in the world. GM employees can access their accounts from anywhere near their workplace and remotely.

GMGlobalConnect Benefits

The main reason you, as a dealer or employee, should join the GM Connect web portal is as follows. The benefits don’t end there. These are just a few examples that you can register as a reseller. When you register with GM and establish a GMGlobal Connect connection, you have unlimited access.


At General Motor, you are in control not only of your business but also of what you do. The web portal provides a traceable contract that you have entered into with the company without using a third party, such as a bank or financial institution, to track your transaction.

  • The first benefit of using the GMGlobalConnect web portal as a dealer is that you can order vehicles online and track vehicle delivery through your account dashboard. You will also receive first-hand information about the vehicle before it is delivered to you. You will learn information like traffic, car ODO, car history, etc.
  • You can easily order all vehicle documents that also contain the vehicle warranty via the GMGlobalConnect web portal. It’s easy to do, you don’t need to contact the appropriate department. You can simply click the Search button on your GM Global Connect web portal and a download link will be available.
  • We talked about reviewing your contract with GM. However, you will be notified via the web portal as soon as the company policy changes so that you can adapt it quickly. Therefore, whenever General Motors introduces a new policy that has a positive or negative impact on your GM Global Connect dealer account, you will be one of the first to be notified before implementation begins.
  • All GM employees must have a GMGlobalConnect employee ID to access the portal. This helps employees monitor data on wages, hours, and more, rather than writing a letter to the appropriate department.

The benefits extend to the entire GM department. With Global Connect for GM, both employees and dealers have the same privilege to access their accounts from anywhere in the world.