About Us

The GMGlobalConnect login portal connects all GMGlobalConnect business partners. This account is not valid for all customers, but it is valid for dozens of General Motors dealers around the world. Before this particular portal, there were six different portals dealing with different parts of the world, but General Motors decided to create a hub to bring all dealerships together under one hood.


This portal is intended to be more functional and useful for dealers who sell General Motors products around the world. General Motors is responsible for the trade and marketing of its products, this login account is a living example.

The GMGlobalConnect portal was introduced in 2008 to replace the six older portals used by GM dealers. This web portal contains all the functionalities and functions that allow distributors to manage their activity with total transparency. When you login into this web portal account, it can work wonders in just a few clicks.


GM has made it possible for dealers to stay connected and run their business smoothly. Order vehicles, assert warranty claims, report deliveries, check stats, find out about upcoming products, news, exclusive deliveries and everything, this login portal has everything a car dealer needs to shine.

General Motors grew and got bigger from time to time, the dealerships grew and the traffic was absolutely crowded, the old portals did not live up to expectations. GM’s North American vehicle sales, service and marketing team developed the new portal in just two years.

The first detailed view of this portal took place at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention on February 9, 2008. This portal was designed so that GM can easily communicate with its dealers in the United States and 90 other countries. This portal makes it easy for dealers to do business with GM.