GMGlobalConnect is a special login portal that General Motor dealers and employees can use to log into their GM accounts.


GMGlobalConnect allows all employees to easily login into their accounts and views information about their code of conduct and company announcements.

GMGlobalConnect Services

Machines: At GM Global Solutions, they configure, assemble, and market machines and programmed shelves for retail stores. They offer you a wide range of innovative tools with applications for different segments.

Tobacco: Our line of candy vending machines represents a formidable authority on the tobacco distribution side and includes answers for retailers, tobacconists, lodging, supermarkets, convenience stores, general stores, and more. 


Online Sale: Another idea for retailers is to combine box delivery with an offer on one of the machines programmed in one of our areas to improve warehouse control and security. Self-managed stands, placed on the market voluntarily, complement each other as an advertising platform to retain customers and promote impulse agreements.

PPE: Another complete line of unique defense equipment management devices expected by organizations and clinics today. It is characterized by its simple and agile configuration and its versatility for an article or a volume.

Pharmacy: He is delighted to present another idea from a 24-hour general pharmaceutical and para pharmaceutical distributor.

Its avant-garde, elegant and satisfying design and the use of the latest innovations make this machine the ideal answer for pharmacies, hostels, air terminals, and train and bus stations.

Multiproduct: The UD, above all a global management machine, the latest structure from GM Global Solutions, offers the possibility of distributing items of all kinds.

Coffee: Their strong involvement in the design, production, and promotion of espresso machines enables them to offer explicitly adapted accommodations in OCS and accommodation areas, as well as local meetings.

Kiosk: Kiosk KSS is a standalone business terminal for the delivery of articles or the administration of, for example, material for a wide variety of areas. Friendliness, distribution, ticketing, transportation.

Top-Up: GM Global Solutions offers a variety of independent retail store terminals for the delivery of phone recharges and other trade items.

Refills: You can quickly and easily send new programs or administrations through the distribution kiosk. With the delivery terminal, you can insert advertisements or news for a limited time. The advertisement is downloaded from a USB stick or via ADSL or it can be assigned to a permanent website. Advertising can be done in group photography or video.