GMIN & Global Connect ID

GmGlobalConnect is General Motors’ online portal for distributors or company employees. GmGlobalConnect currently operates in more than 90 different countries around the world, including European, African, Asian, Latin American, and North American countries.


Like the Kroger employee portal, General Motor employees can log into the General Motor employee portal at General Motor’s employee login portal for sellers and agents can register anywhere, anytime to view all jurisdictions.

Through the portal, users can view the details of their work and work more efficiently. The GMGlobalConnect portal also offers many resources for various agencies around the world. You can use the portal to view the report on deliveries, vehicle orders, warranty claims, and many other benefits.


GMGlobalConnect – GMIN and Global Connect ID

Below is the description of the GMIN ID and Global Connect ID, The purpose and the usage of both ID is different.

  • A GMIN is a 9-digit General Motors identification number that is used to identify a specific person and can be shared with trusted entities when interacting with General Motors. Your GMIN will be displayed below your name. For reseller employees, global credentials are created by the Reseller Partner Security Coordinator (PSC). A GMIN is assigned to a reseller user when the user logs into Global Connect and accesses the “Edit My Profile” page for the first time.
  • A GlobalConnect ID is tied to a specific GMIN. Therefore, sharing an ID with others would allow access to the owner’s GM training records and conduct transactions such as vehicle delivery reports, warranty claims, and participation in incentive programs based on the assigned access level.

If you have any problems using GMGlobalConnect, visit the Feedback page for help and support. GM employees can access additional benefits at GMGlobalConnect (