A Responsible Approach to Creating an Effective Employee Policy in the Telecom Industry

Telcos, though, have less to worry about. Not only are they deep-pocketed, but their risk is also spread over several other business units. Singtel, for example, boasts enterprise, fixed broadband, and pay TV, while StarHub has enterprise and fixed broadband to draw on for revenue in these dire times. MVNOs, on the other hand, have … Read more

How Kopi Kenangan is Copying Luckin’s Business Model to Offer Competitors a Chance

Both raised venture capital and scaled quickly; Luckin raised between US$200 and US$300 million the year after launch its in late 2017. The company claimed that the fundraise brought its valuation to US$1 billion. It was valued at US$2.9 billion before its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2019. Kopi Kenangan announced a US$109 million funding … Read more

What We Learned about Akulaku and how we could improve Indonesian Consumer Loan Platforms

But now, Akulaku isn’t paying back. Mintos has other Indonesian lenders on its marketplace, like Kredit Pintar, JULO, DanaRupiah, and Pinjam Yuk. But none of them have fallen massively behind schedule to the point of suspension yet. Akulaku’s tale is one of weak internal governance and oversight, and the reckless execution of a growth-by-all-means strategy. … Read more