A Responsible Approach to Creating an Effective Employee Policy in the Telecom Industry

Telcos, though, have less to worry about. Not only are they deep-pocketed, but their risk is also spread over several other business units. Singtel, for example, boasts enterprise, fixed broadband, and pay TV, while StarHub has enterprise and fixed broadband to draw on for revenue in these dire times. MVNOs, on the other hand, have … Read more

ESOP Companies in Trouble Throughout the Years Sensitized by Previous Failures — Let’s Survey the Landscape for 2019

Investors argue that a company needs the right to cancel vested options if an employee joins a competitor or leaves on a sour note. Their other fear is the prospect of former employees as shareholders who have a right to the company’s information and need to sign off on key documents. Such employees could hold … Read more

Worse Than a Lottery? ESOPs Gone Wrong: The 2018 Recap

While the rekindled fire for ESOPs isn’t warming up employees, companies and investors see it differently. “Companies are cash-strapped and ESOPs are a non-cash expense,” said an investor who didn’t wish to be identified. “We are replacing the salary with a higher value of equity. If the valuation is currently lower, employees get more shares. … Read more

magazine cover import now, access star behind paywall

Without providing figures, Wong claims that the closure of Malay Mail’s 122-year-old print business has helped to reduce the publication’s expenses by some 40%, and revenue has since increased 5X as it gets paid by Facebook and Google’s programmatic advertising. A former The Star employee told us that the paywall strategy was supposed to hit … Read more

How an Imaginary Gallery Display Speaks Volumes Why Such Things Matter to a Non-Expert

The first employee quoted earlier told The Ken that adoption for The Star’s digital subscription were “within projections”, thanks to the nationwide lockdown which boosts digital consumption, but declined to provide specific figures. There is also no breakdown on the number of subscribers made to shift from StarBiz Premium to The Star Digital Access. A … Read more

Behind The Paywall Curtain, The Star Looks Much The Same

Covid-hit, like most businesses, SMG slipped into the red for its first quarter, which ended on 31 March. Its quarterly revenue declined 20.36% to RM65.76 million (US$15.41 million) from RM76.06 million (US$17.83 million) in the previous quarter. The Star, however, claims its online viewership has grown 4X between January and March. Its digital news platform … Read more

They each had Unique Behaviors That Changed With Every Day

Its localisation strategy also extends to celebrating festivals like Ramadan in Indonesia and Thailand’s Songkran within the game. This makes gamers feel like the game was tailor-made for them, explains Teo. “I want to focus on making Free Fire accessible to players, and remain relevant in its markets.” The Very First Garena Premier League (GPL) … Read more

Garenapedia: The Ultimate Garena Encyclopedia:

Wading into the events space, though, meant leaving its comfort zone. As a publisher, Garena didn’t have to deal with the headache of events. As it looked to control more of the value chain, however, it quickly taught itself new tricks at every turn. Initially, Garena knew little about mobile gaming tournaments. Today, however, it … Read more