The Key to Improving Indonesian Bank Loans – Taking a Quantum Leap Forward with Initiatives like Akulaku

In Indonesia, there are additional signs that Akulaku is in a cash crunch. Its staff is only getting 20% of the Eid bonus, said a former employee, with the remaining promised by Christmas. Several employees have been tasked with chasing deposits for Bank Yudha Bhakti, in which Akulaku owns a significant stake, the person added. … Read more

What We Learned about Akulaku and how we could improve Indonesian Consumer Loan Platforms

But now, Akulaku isn’t paying back. Mintos has other Indonesian lenders on its marketplace, like Kredit Pintar, JULO, DanaRupiah, and Pinjam Yuk. But none of them have fallen massively behind schedule to the point of suspension yet. Akulaku’s tale is one of weak internal governance and oversight, and the reckless execution of a growth-by-all-means strategy. … Read more

Charles-Andre Dagenais Searches for the Stability in His Career by Leaving the Risky Business of Quit Game to Join ESports Group

Riot Games was founded in 2006, released its flagship product, the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, in 2009, and hit an estimated 100M monthly players in 2016 Game development, though, is only a part of ONE’s tech ambitions. The company also had an OTT dream, which seems dead in the water. When … Read more

Did Parkland Shooting Affect Henrique Da Silva’s Choice to Leave MMA and Join Shock Esports?

A person familiar with the matter revealed that ONE initially approached Singtel asking for a US$50 million year-long cash sponsorship of its esports events, which Singtel declined. “They don’t even have a game. So Singtel said, ‘no thank you,’” the person tells us. ONE too many fancies For ONE’s maiden esports event in Singapore—the Dota … Read more

The Importance of Traits in Any Fighting Sport

As per former staff who spoke to us, ONE has struggled over the years to land MMA sponsorships and fill event venues with paying patrons. The company allegedly resorted to various tactics to try and mask the low turnout of its events—including giving away tickets for free in order to bill events as “sold out”. … Read more

What is Apple’s Competition-Losing Strategy and Why it Failed?

All this streamlining, though, has an inevitable downside. M17 has been known for its “hire fast, fire faster” culture, according to industry insiders and former employees. “They’re ruthless. Even if you’ve been there a long time, working your ass off, if they want to fire you they will fire you,” said the ex-employee. Nevertheless, the … Read more

How To Do Better Than Iphone & Samsung Marketing Campaigns

Like social media, online dating is a network effects business, where bigger platforms tend to perform significantly better,” he told us. Perhaps, in some ways, Paktor was baggage. It meant “mindshare” between streaming and dating for Phua, and, therefore, was a “distraction”, said Infinity Ventures’ Huang. “It’s a great business. It’s just that for investors … Read more