5 things Garena’s Swallowed in the Sea taught us- Quality Gaming and Leisure Experiences

Sea’s EBITDA for digital entertainment, under which Garena is parked, was net positive at US$298.4 million, a 32.2% year-on-year increase. Its e-commerce and digital financial services were both in the red, at US$260 million and US$101.6 million, respectively. On the back of this performance, Sea’s stock is riding at an all-time high. It was Garena’s … Read more

Pizza Hut’s Battle for Dominance in China

Another way to scale fast might have been a franchise model, where he lets other people operate Kopi Kenangan stores and gets a license fee in return. “But that’s very different unit economics,” Tirtanata says. He wants to own and operate Kopi Kenangan stores to stay on top of quality and consistency and reap higher … Read more

The Kopi Kenangna Story

To serve coffee drinkers, countless small coffee shops sell products similar to Kopi Kenangan’s in Indonesia. China, meanwhile, has a tea-drinking culture. Its per capita coffee consumption is low by Asian standards, and it’s not a major coffee producer either; although, it’s starting to produce more. Luckin took a chance on an emerging trend in … Read more

How Kopi Kenangan is Copying Luckin’s Business Model to Offer Competitors a Chance

Both raised venture capital and scaled quickly; Luckin raised between US$200 and US$300 million the year after launch its in late 2017. The company claimed that the fundraise brought its valuation to US$1 billion. It was valued at US$2.9 billion before its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2019. Kopi Kenangan announced a US$109 million funding … Read more

Scaling E-commerce Via Alternative Means of Connecting Generations & Redefining The Economic Landscape

In turn, PayPal merchants will now be able to accept payment using GoPay. As a result, Indonesia-based shoppers will soon be able to use GoPay to buy goods from PayPal retailers worldwide. PayPal and Gojek declined to comment on how their partnerships might be extended to other countries in Southeast Asia. With PayPal, there’s potential … Read more

PayPal’s Foolproof Plan for Success in Mobile Payments in Asia – Lessons and Tactics from Facebook, GoJek

Through 2016 and 2017, Gojek systematically built out its fintech stack with strategic acquisitions. Its first move was to take over MVCommerce, a relatively small player which held an e-payments license. This proved a valuable investment because e-payments licences became increasingly difficult to get in Indonesia as the country’s central bank throttled the issuing of … Read more

The Complete Guide to a Market Disrupting Play for Digital Payments & Their Role In the Context of the Emerging Economy

The deal takes its current investment round to more than US$3 billion, according to a company statement. (Gojek previously disclosed a US$1 billion investment in February 2019, and a US$1.2 billion addition to that round in March 2020.) Gojek gets an easy edge over its biggest competitor in the region—Grab. Grab’s largest financier, SoftBank—which has … Read more

Drawbacks of centralized solutions for digital credit scoring in Indonesia

In some cases, OJK has appeared toothless in spotting and preventing fraud at the companies it’s supposed to oversee. Late last year, a scandal at Indonesia’s largest state insurer, Jiwasraya, unfolded right under the watchdog’s nose. Still, some investors continue to back Akulaku. Earlier this year, it signed credit line deals with Singapore-headquartered OCBC Bank … Read more